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Product Ideas
JULY 28, 2017

As people become more environmentally cautious, a new promotional product is becoming more and more popular: the reusable bag. Whether it's for groceries, or a gym bag, or to carry your books, the utility of reusable bags is undeniable, but there's one problem. Forgetting to bring them along. It's a common site at grocery stores. The cashier will ask about reusable bags and that's when it'll pop into the shopper's head that they have a bunch at home. Whatever the reason, though, here are some ideas to make your reusable bags more memorable.

A simple trick is to reward yourself when you remember to bring them with you. A lot of grocery stores offer a modest discount when you use your own bags, as it lowers costs for them, so to celebrate being able to take advantage of such a discount, consider allowing yourself to splurge on an item when you remember your bags. As a behavioral reinforcement, it should do the trick until it becomes second nature to bring them along with you, at which point your reward will be savings.

Another option for making your reusable bags easier to remember is to place them in a prominent location when you know you're going to the store. You could also just try to store them in a place where you'll always have to look at them before you leave, like with your shoes, or your keys, or by your door. You could even store them in the trunk of your car when you're done with them, so they're always with you.

If you're the kind of person who makes a shopping list before you go to the supermarket, the easiest thing to do would be to put “bring reusable bags” at the top of your list. Write it in big letters, or add stars, or use a different colored ink, if necessary. The more those words stand out before you start to list what groceries you need, the more likely you are to remember to bring your bags along.

A final suggestion to remember your reusable bags is to use your technology to remind you. If you have a set shopping day, set an alert on your Google calendar to remind yourself to toss your bags in the car. Having the reminder will be helpful initially and may not be necessary after you get yourself in the habit, but establishing the behavior is the most important part. No matter if you choose to go with one of these suggestions or come up with your own, you'll always be glad when you remember to bring your reusable bags.


Product Ideas
JULY 28, 2017

As the summer draws to a close, parents across the country are looking for things that their child can take back to school with them. Whether it's new clothing, or school supplies, every child needs to be prepared for the upcoming school year, so why not try to get your business name out there with new pencils, pens, erasers, calendars, or pencil cases? Here are some great reasons why to try some of these simple items when it comes to that time of the year.

The first and most obvious reason to try branded school supplies is that you're almost guaranteed that they'll be used. Did you hand out a stress ball shaped like a brain at the last trade show you went to? Chances are that executive squeezed it a few times as a novelty and then forgot about it at the bottom of his tote bag from the convention. On the other hand, give one of your loyal customers a new pencil case and it's more likely that their child will be carrying the name of your business wherever they go until next summer.

Another reason to try branded school supplies is that more people will see your company name. Think about it: when you put your name on a pen and it goes to school, there's a good chance that not only will your customer and child see it, their friends might see it, as well as faculty and staff. While that calendar might be seen every day at your client's home, a pen, highlighter, or flash drive might be seen a hundred times in a day by different people.

Last, and perhaps the biggest reason to consider branded school supplies: saturation. Schools are the largest purchaser of the branded products we've been talking about. By selling or even donating your branded supplies to a school, you guarantee that your company's name and logo are going to be seen by a lot of people. Better yet, if you donate your supplies, you're more likely to generate a positive association with your brand when people use the product. It's truly a win-win scenario for you when you consider this.

Product Ideas
JULY 21, 2017

First, the obvious question: what is cause marketing? If you're unfamiliar, cause marketing is a common business practice that is not only designed to increase your company's profitability, but also has the dual effect of increasing the image of your business and making the world a better place.

Generally, cause marketing is a joint venture between a for-profit company and a non-profit organization, with the goal of increasing sales so that funds get raised for the non-profit. A few examples of this might be donating a portion of every sale in a specific timeframe to juvenile diabetes research. It works because customers are more likely to increase their purchases, feel better about their purchases, and associate your company with the idea of positive global change.

Obviously a cause marketing campaign can be costly, and there are even ways that it can backfire, but when it's done well, the benefits to both parties can be substantial. An example of an effective campaign would be the (RED) organization, which is dedicated to fighting AIDS around the globe. (RED) offers a wide variety of branded products, from cell phones to fast food promotions, partnering with many other businesses to make sure that their name and message gets spread.

But, for each successful cause marketing campaign, there are several examples of cause marketing gone bad. The reasons why it might not work can be as simple as an incongruity between the business and the issue the non-profit is trying to tackle. Cause marketing can also fail when there's a failure to balance between the cause aspect and the marketing aspect.

While it's entirely possible that a good cause marketing campaign can help your business grow and thrive in your community, the campaign needs to be handled with care. Take simple steps to make sure that your cause marketing idea is sound. Consider partnering with a smaller, local cause—local food pantries are a good place to start looking. A canned food drive, or a campaign to donate 10 cents from every dollar spent to the food pantry, would look good in the eyes of the public while increasing your sales. This is just an example, though! Reach out to your local organizations to find out more, or consider pursuing a cause that's near and dear to you.

Product Ideas
JULY 21, 2017

So you're looking to promote your business with branded products, but how can you know what your customers will use? The key to remaining in your customers head lies in 3 areas. Keep reading to find out more!

#1 – Originality
If you look around the floor of any trade show, you're going to see the same branded things: pens, stress balls, candy—things that are simple to print a logo or contact information on. That's the reason to pick these items, the ease of creating them. But what's really going to stick out in your customer's mind is something out-of-the ordinary.

Instead of just handing a customer a pen, why not a branded USB power bank? Maybe instead of a stress ball, a stress ball shaped like a brain, or a heart? Give them a flash drive that's shaped like something they wouldn't expect. The ideas can come from anywhere and be anything, so long as they stand out from the standard, so don't limit your imagination!

#2 – Versatility
Let's talk about pens again. Pens are great! They're simple, they're easy, and it's great to have one around when you need one. A well-placed pen can help with positive association with your business. You probably have boxes of pens lying around right now, waiting to be handed out. What could be better?

What if your pen was also a stylus? It's two products for the price of one. You get to enter your customers mind not only when they need to write something, but potentially every time they use their smartphone or tablet.

Versatility extends to more than just pens, though. Think about refrigerator magnets that double as bottle openers, or calendars that are also whiteboards. If you can reasonably combine two things, consider it!

#3 – Simplicity
With the other pieces of advice, we talked about complicating the ideas that your company might already be using, but there's a limit to what you should consider. Some companies might give away paperweights, or triangular highlighters, but are those things beneficial?

In an era where central air is a standard feature, paperweights seem to be outmoded and will likely not be used for anything by your customer, other than something to weigh down their swag bag as they walk the trade show floor. Similarly, triangular highlighters can be unwieldy and potentially messy giveaways.

Instead of a pen with 14 possibly ink combinations, try the stylus/pen combo we mentioned earlier. Instead of a triangular highlighter, try just a mini highlighter. Keep your ideas somewhat simple and they're not only more likely to be used, they're also more cost effective.


Product Ideas
JULY 14, 2017

When it comes to the modern office worker, one of the greatest challenges they face it the amount of time they spend sitting at work. Becoming sedentary for the majority of your day can cause or contribute to health problems like heart disease or obesity, so using promotional products to try and counteract these problems only makes sense. What follows are a few ideas for promotional products that can help improve office fitness.

A great way to help promote office fitness is through the use of pedometers or other activity trackers. These products are a great way to encourage workers to get up and get moving, even if it's just on their breaks. Imagine selling the idea to a new customer: weekly incentives to boost activity can have a tremendous impact on morale, and a happy employee is a productive employee. Pedometers and activity tracker might even encourage their employees to get up and stretch during the day while they're hard at work!

Another great idea for branded products that could boost activity levels in the office is a digital cordless jump rope. This is a great product that allows an employee to exercise right in their workspace without the need for a lot of space or an actual rope to get caught on anything in the office. Maybe you could suggest a contest to see who can get the most jumps, or set up a time for the office to jump together?

Other great ideas to improve fitness in the workplace include gym bags, water bottles, fitness mats, even workout clothes. By thinking about products that are used every day in a gym setting and providing them, you can easily improve the fitness of your employees and get your name out there, as well. Positive associations with your brand are key, and what better way to have someone associate your product with positivity than by helping them make healthy lifestyle choices? The bottom line is that a healthy office worker is a happy office worker, and being healthy and happy go a long way towards improving morale, productivity, and profitability. Luckily, Geiger offers a wide variety of promotional products that can help you achieve your goals.

Product Ideas
JULY 14, 2017

Promotional pens are a common branded item that sees use in settings from doctor's offices to banks to charities to schools and everything in between. It's a pretty safe investment—everyone needs to write from time to time, and when they do, it's a nice way to ensure your clients are thinking of you when they need something reliable. But how can you make sure you're getting the most out of your promotional pens? Below are some suggestions that you might not have considered when it comes to your pens.

One of the simplest ways to make use of promotional pens is to give them out when you're asking your customers to fill out comment cards. Not only does it give them something to write out their thoughts and suggestions with, it also makes them associate your business positively since you've just given them the pen. In these situations, make sure to have plenty of pens on hand as running out means that you'll no longer be able to receive their feedback, but also make sure that your customer knows that they can keep the pen they're using.

A common way to get word out about your business is by using business cards, but promotional pens can do the same job with the added benefit of being more useful than a small, easily lost piece of paper. Sure, pen can be lost, too, but when your “business card” serves a dual purpose of providing your customer with your business name and contact information as well as serving as a writing implement, they become more valuable and more likely to be found when they're needed.

In a school setting, a simple trick to using your promotional pens is to have them made in your school's colors, and to give them to students on the first day of school. Making them unique is a great way for your students to make sure that they have a way to write with them at all times, and it can also help boost school spirit. Let's face it, a plain stick pen is much less exciting than a colorful pen with your school's name and logo on it.

There are plenty of ways to use promotional pens, and we hope that you find these suggestions useful in the future. Don't stop here, though. Consider other ways to use your promotional pens that inspire goodwill in your clients.


Product Ideas
JULY 7, 2017

When you start to view your school as a business, the path to success becomes a lot clearer. Just like any other business, you have the option to do things the easy way or the hard way. Since you’re reading this blog post, we’ll assume you’ve wisely chosen the easy way. Thus, we offer the following three pieces of valuable business advice when marketing your school.

#1: Establish Your Market
The sooner you realize your school is not going to fit the needs of every student who could attend your school, the better off you’ll be. When you try to be too many things to too many people, it only leads to high expectations that are impossible to meet, much less exceed.

Instead, dig deep into the mind of the ideal student who would most benefit from attending your specific school. Think about the benefits your school provides that no other school has. Do you offer a special math or science program? Or perhaps your school focuses on a completely different way of learning? Figure out what your school does better than any other learning institution, and establish your market around whatever that is.

#2: Build Your Brand
In the case of a school, it’s helpful to think of your brand as a reputation. As such, there are many essential elements that go into creating your brand. Your mission statement as well as the way you communicate with students, parents and teachers all contribute to your brand identity. Of course, your brand also consists of the visuals that portray your school. Examples include your school mascot and uniforms.

Consider giving out branded educational items such as pencils, lunch bags and sticky notes. These are a nice welcome to new students and teachers.

#3: Train Your Ambassadors
After following the advice above, it’s time to make sure your ambassadors are spreading the right message about your school. The only way to do that is with training. First, locate your most influential parents, alumni, school board members, faculty and current students. Kindly request their help in recruiting for your school. It also helps to offer something in return for their time and effort. All in all, your training should provide all ambassadors with the information needed to promote your school.

Product Ideas
JULY 7, 2017

When an employee goes above and beyond the requirements of their job, it's essential to recognize them in a meaningful way. A relatively inexpensive way to honor their contribution to your company is with an award for excellence. Whether it's to celebrate 30 years of loyal service to your company or because of a sales record that was recently shattered – awards have a way of boosting employee morale.

For maximum impact, consider holding an awards ceremony once a year to properly acknowledge exceptional employees. If you're not sure what such a ceremony entails, learn from the following steps…

Step 1: Hello And Welcome
Every awards ceremony requires a proper introduction! Make sure everyone understands the purpose of the ceremony, then move on to discuss the individual you will be recognizing. Explain the value this exceptional employee brings to your company including specific behaviors and actions worthy of note. Mention their full name at least once, and their first name often throughout your introduction. Touch on his or her personal and career background as they relate to the particular achievement being recognized.

Step 2: Present The Award
Announce the full name of the recipient and hand them their well-deserved award! Thank the recipient for their service and finally, shake his or her hand. Whenever possible, opt for a customized award rather than a generic one. Personalization is part of what makes an award feel like a significant achievement instead of just a piece of metal or glass. If you're going to give out awards, you should do it right – or not at all!

Step 3: The Recipient's Speech
In most situations, it makes sense to have the recipient say a few words after taking possession of their award. Depending on the type of organization you run, you might consider asking the recipient for permission to review their acceptance speech before they deliver it. As for the acceptance speech itself – it's best to be brief and stay focused on the organization. Remember to thank the few people who played the most significant roles in helping you to achieve this recognition. Wrap things up with your sincere appreciation.

Product Ideas
JUNE 30, 2017

For the majority of the people in this world, virtual reality is a topic of discussion rather than an actual possibility. Few companies have been able to truly utilize virtual reality technology as a business advantage. However, a change is upon us./p>

These days, it seems every major brand (Oreo, Mercedes, XFINITY) is just as thrilled as we are to incorporate virtual reality technology into their marketing. Customers are equally as excited because it provides them with more tools to meet the increasing demands of their personal lives as well as their careers. Plus, it's just really cool./p>

To start using virtual reality to your business advantage, try one of the following ideas.

Make a 360-degree video.
After Facebook 360 launched at the end of 2015, many companies struggled to understand this new technology. However, 360-degree video is a powerful concept that refuses to go away because of its immersive nature and ability to deeply engage the viewer in its content. As you create your 360-degree video, be sure to play to the strengths of this technology while still keeping your core message and target audience in mind./p>

Hand out branded VR headsets.
Both McDonald's and Coca-Cola have seen success with this strategy. With a few tweaks, it can easily work for your brand as well. This type of promotion works well when paired with a special event. Or follow in McDonald's footsteps by creating an app to go along with it! If VR glasses appeal to you as a marketing strategy, your next step is choosing the right product. Check out these VR headset options that we offer./p>

Create a virtual reality app.
Virtual reality apps are here. Automobile companies are using VR in their showrooms so that customers can experience what it's like to touch and see their vehicles without actually having to be there. Sony Pictures recently utilized a VR app to promote a movie. Who knows what's next?/p>

The time to experiment with this technology is now, while it's still emerging. And surprisingly, you don't need to be an expert to get started. Drag and drop app creation platforms are available for those with little to no expertise in creating apps. Contacting an individual VR app developer is another option to consider if you require one-on-one attention.


Product Ideas
JUNE 29, 2017

Without a steady stream of revenue, your hotel won't last long. Luckily, there are plenty of strategies available to any business, large or small. Learn three of the best ways to promote your hotel.

1. Find a valuable business to partner with.

This strategy is often overlooked, which is unfortunate because it can be extremely successful if you find the right business to partner with. Before you start, it's important to have a list of criteria for what you want and need in a partner.

When you're ready, search for local businesses who are targeting the same customer as you, and also offer services or products which complement your hotel. For example, if several guests of your hotel show interest in hair and beauty services, look for hair salons which fit the personality of your brand.

2. Build brand recognition with promotional products.

For most well-known hotels, using promotional products is a given. However, this is effective strategy is always worth mentioning. First, it's wise to decide whether you will be selling or giving away your promotional items. The products you choose to buy depend on your budget as well as your ideal customer. Here are a few helpful suggestions to consider…

Robes: Few clothing items beat the comfort of an ultra-plush robe. Look for robes that are around 50” long to ensure a pleasant fit for most guests.

Bath Bomb: For luxurious hotels featuring spa tubs in their guestrooms, an essential oil bath bomb is an excellent option. Choose from several scents to find the one which best fits your brand.

3. Engage with customers on social media.

Setting up a profile on any mainstream social media account is absolutely free and a wonderful way to connect with your customers. One of the best tips we've learned through experience is that it's difficult to be everywhere at once, unless you have extra support. If you're planning to handle the social media marketing yourself, pick one platform to start with. Remember, it's always better to choose quality over quantity.

Aside from your initial account setup, it's essential that you seek out opportunities to engage with your customers on social media. Learn which hashtags your customers use and the groups they join online. Seek out the conversations occurring about your industry and brand, then find ways to add value to these discussions.